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Domestic and Commercial


Metartec has a broad range of products that will satisfy the constraints of even the smallest working environment.

Small office PCs and file servers are full of new and more power-demanding features which need more powerful protection.  In addition, ICT users and professionals would like to protect important peripherals whilst on-line as well.

SME's are particularly reliant upon their crucial power supply to maintain their business reputation, efficiency and revenue.  Metartec's MICRO VERSI's and MICRO 1500 - 3000 Tower and Rack UPS's are ideal power protection for small to medium sized offices.

At Metartec we understand that businesses need to grow and develop to succeed in today's world and so they need resources that can allow for such changes. Metartec's MICRO VERSI and MICRO 3000 Long Autonomy UPS's are ideal for larger applications and allow additional batteries to be added to extend the autonomy of your UPS as your business grows.

Metartec offers a range of low cost, line interactive and double conversion uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) designed for PCs and file server protection in small networks.

Metartec's PICO 650, NANO 1000, NANO 2000, NANO 1500 VERSI and NANO 3000 VERSI are ideal for supporting your PC MAC, point of sale and small servers during a power failure ensuring that your business systems are kept running with an almost seamless back-up power supply.

The powerful PICO 650 model can support up to 3 PCs or a single file server and keep them running for up to 10 minutes when the mains fails.

Each of the UPS have added communications features. They include telephone line/modem surge protection filters and a built in RS232 port which provides the facility to connect the UPS to the ViewPower UPS monitoring and control software bundled with each.


“We have packed these products with features and priced them to fly into the SOHO market”, commented Steve McCallum, Business Development Director for Metartec.