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Thermal Imaging

Metartec's Thermal Imaging service is a cost and time saving testing technique for troubleshooting, maintenance and inspection of electrical applications including UPS’s, HV and LV switchgear, distribution equipment, bus bar sections, substation equipment, fuses, lighting, pumps, fans, compressors and transformers.

Thermography is carried out with a thermal imaging camera and can highlight hot and cold spots within an image. Mostly used in the electricity sector it can detect faulty connections, components and motors that may be running at a higher temperature than normal.

Thermal imaging is often referred to as the first defense in a predictive and preventative maintenance and is one of the most non-intrusive, non-invasive and non-destructive diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance. By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, thermography allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur. It allows us to monitor developing problems so maintenance can be scheduled during a planned downtime or when budget is available.


Thermal imagers can be used for:

  • Detecting electrical unbalance and overloads
  • Detecting loose or corroded electrical connections
  • Inspecting electrical faults
  • Testing and measuring for electrical fire prevention
  • Predictive maintenance, troubleshooting and installation of electrical applications

Why Thermal Imaging supports regular maintenance checks:

  • Most equipment’s failure mechanisms involve a significant rise in operating temperature long before catastrophic failure occurs.
  • Thermal images are best taken while equipment is operational therefore it does not have to be shutdown.
  • Thermal images are taken at a safe distance and involve minimal safety risks.
  • Thermal images can access components and units which are otherwise unable to be measured.
  • Thermal inspections are quick and they can find problems in areas that may typically be overlooked.
  • Thermal measurements help detect imminent failures in nearly all types of equipment, from electrical to mechanical.

Thermal Imaging surveys provide the following benefits:

  • Increased reliability and efficiency of equipment, resulting in reduced breakdowns and stoppages and significantly reducing maintenance costs and production losses.
  • Assists businesses to comply with The Electricity at Work Act by complementing the electrical periodic test and inspection and helping to prove the integrity and safety of electrical systems and equipment.
  • Assists businesses to comply with insurance requirements and complements their existing risk avoidance measures.
  • Thermal image surveys can be incorporated into Metartec’s existing predictive and preventative maintenance programmes.
  • Metartec’s thermal imaging surveys can be performed at a convenient time and are tailored to suit each client’s individual requirements.

For more infomation on Metartec's  Thermal Imaging Service or to arrange a Thermal Imaging Survey contact us today on 0845 50 40 444 or email info@metartec.com