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MILLI X1 - Economical Solution

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The MILLI X1 series 10000 to 60000VA are a unity Power Factor online, three phase in, three phase out topology UPS.

The main advantage of these cost effective UPS systems is that they are designed to a small footprint offering Metartec's customers a space saving option whilst satisfying larger load requirements.  Metartec's MILLI X1 are unity power factor rated with a high rate charger and matching battery cabinet for increased autonomy.

The MILLI X1 integrates true double conversion design, DSP technology, and active input Power Factor Correction to ensure better output voltage conditions, power quality and power performance at all times. It’s easily configured program via the colour LCD panel enhances the flexibility of the UPS to meet the ever increasing power demands of IT and networked environments. This UPS can be supplied as a 20kVA, 40kVA or  60kVA unit with matching battery cabinets.

If you have limited budget and space available with a substantial power requirement the MILLI X1 is the perfect solution.


  • True Double Conversion
  • Output power factor of 1.0
  • Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
  • Input power factor correction 0.99
  • Active power factor correction in all phases
  • 50/60 Hz frequency converter mode
  • ECO mode operation for energy saving (ECO)
  • Programmable power management outlet
  • Emergency power off (EPO) function
  • Generator compatible
  • SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communications
  • High rate charger
  • Adjustable battery numbers 
  • Accepts dual-mains inputs
  • Maintenance bypass switch
  • Optional N+X parallel redundancy
  • Optional isolation transformer offers fully isolation and complete common mode noise rejection


Capacity20000VA to 60000VA
Wattage20000 Watts to 60000 Watts
TypeDouble Conversion
TopologyThree phase in / three phase out
Autonomy @ 100%Dependent on number of EXB's
Autonomy @ 75%Dependent on number of EXB's
Autonomy @ 50%Dependent on number of EXB's
Autonomy @ 25%Dependent on number of EXB's
BatteryMatching Cabinet
Product CodeTBC


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