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Save up to 70% on your lighting energy bill with Metartec’s LE Tubes

11 January 2012


Another development within Metartec’s product portfolio which supplements the energy efficiency line of business is Metartec’s new range of energy efficient lighting, LowEnergy (LE) Tubes. In January 2012 Metartec launched this new range of exciting and innovative lighting solutions to the UK and Ireland. These CE Certified LowEnergy Tubes offer our customers the opportunity to dramatically improve their energy consumption and save up to 70% on their lighting energy bills.

Until now there have been very few viable energy saving light options available on the market for fluorescent lighting applications. Metartec can offer a lighting solution which offers an alternative to standard fluorescent tubes and can save you money. By simply replacing inefficient T8 fluorescent tube lighting with Metartec’s LowEnergy Tubes, it is possible to save up to 70% on your lighting energy bill.

Inefficient T8 fluorescent tube lighting is predominantly installed in offices, warehouses and production areas resulting in millions of wasted Kilo Watt hours of energy, not ideal considering the current economic climate and the forecasted rapid increase in energy costs.

Metartec’s LE Tubes offer the following benefits and savings compared to standard T8 Tubes:

  • Up to 70 % savings on electricity usage
  • Save on your carbon credits by reducing your carbon foot print
  • 20,000 hour lifetime which is double that of standard T8 fluorescent tubes
  • Save on maintenance costs as there is no need to purchase a new starter or ballast for the LE Tubes
  • There is no need to replace the battens of your current lighting system
  • Reduce your tariff with your electricity supplier

LE Tubes are easily and instantly connected to the current lighting structure, have no flicker or resonance noise and have a 20,000 hour life span. Metartec’s LE Tubes come in various shades of white and are also available in various sizes, providing a suitable replacement solution for all T8 florescent lighting applications.

Due to the current economic crisis budgets are being cut and cost savings are a high priority within organisations. Many companies have an uneconomical lighting installation and by switching to LE Tubes you will receive better light quality, have a system which requires less maintenance and gain huge savings on your electricity bill.

Don’t just take our word for it, contact us today and with our energy savings calculator we can determine the savings you can make by switching to Metartec’s LE Tubes.

Successful energy management within lighting installations

Energy usage within lighting installations must be measured and monitored to guarantee accurate management. To maximise the efficiency of the lighting installation, communication equipment should be integrated so as to centralise all of the data generated by the system to one location. This will improve the users understanding of the energy usage within the lighting application and changes in the usage policy can be implemented accordingly to receive further savings. Metartec e3 products are essential for ensuring maximum efficiency of lighting installations and also provide accurate measuring and monitoring of the energy that is used by the application.

Metartec e3’s CVM 1D Series is a measurement device which can be connected to any lighting application to measure its usage and therefore determine the efficiency of the system. CVM-1D is a power analyzer for single-phase circuits up to 32 A. It has an LCD display with a rotating screen system, showing a total of 24 instantaneous, maximum and minimum electrical variables. It has been designed in an enclosure with only 1 DIN module (18 mm), and the size of the analyzer allows it to be installed in any electrical panel. The unit has the Modbus/RTU (RS-485) protocol and is compatible with Metartec e3’s energy management software, PowerStudio.

Another vital piece of equipment for managing the energy usage of lighting systems is Metartec e3’s Efficiency Data Server (EDS). This product is an energy manager equipped with PowerStudio Embedded and a built-in web server. This enables the user to query any electric variable by connecting the measurement equipment through its RS-485 bus, without having to install software in a local area network (LAN or VPN) computer. The RS-485 expansion bus enables the user to view any variable of the units connected to the bus and can even display information in real time, in table or graphic format. There are 8 voltage-free digital inputs and 6 programmable relay outputs.

An EDS can be used to control the energy consumption of lighting installations in multiple locations, with the purpose of optimising energy costs. This product allows the user to control the consumption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and locate residual consumption in nonproduction periods. It also has the capability to compare the power level contracted in your installation, supervise the level of harmonics and reactive load of your installation and sends consumption or incident alarms in your electrical network.

Your complete energy efficient lighting solution

Metartec’s LE Tubes and energy management systems can dramatically increase the efficiency of your lighting solutions with very little hassle. Why not find out how much you could save with Metartec’s efficient lighting and management solutions by contacting us today on 0845 50 40 444 or by email on info@metartec.com. With just a simple phone call you can find out how you could implement a successful energy management policy, save up to 70% on your lighting energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.