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Sporting Event

Metartec: The real power behind the brand

21 October 2016

Metartec: The real power behind the brand Reducing the cost of ownership Read More...


Improve the reliability of your power supply with a UPS or Generator

05 August 2013

If you are looking for ways to improve the reliability of your electrical power system, there are 2 key solutions available. Read More...

Metartec e3

Cost Effective Power Factor Correction from Metartec e3

10 May 2013

Metartec provides all of the information you need to know about Power Factor Correction Read More...

Data Center Solutions

Metartec – the key to getting the best critical power solution

04 February 2013

Metartec’s specialists offer expert advice to ensure you receive the best back up power solution for your data center without paying more than you have to. Read More...

Dont get stressed this winter!

Is your Power Protected this Winter?

01 January 2013

Power disturbances are more common in the winter months due to minus temperatures. Metartec can ensure you are not caught out this winter. Read More...

Expected Power Shortages

Make sure you are prepared for widespread power shortages

01 November 2012

Metartec are on hand to offer advice and solutions to ensure that you are not left in the dark when expected power shortages occur. Read More...


Generate your own electricity and avoid the escalating energy prices

15 October 2012

Metartec's Solar PV Solutions are one of the most sustainable ways of generating power today and allow you to aviod escallating energy prices. Read More...