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MICRO VERSI X1 1500-3000

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A versatile UPS in tower or rack form. This model offers unity power factor and is an ideal Solution for small computer centres, servers and for industrial applications.

·       Unique feature
The MICRO VERSI X1 is highly versatile UPS with unity power factor and can be installed as a floor standing tower UPS or in a 19-inch communications rack.

·       Design              
Metartec have designed the MICRO VERSI X1 in a convertible form design in a compact 2U frame.

·       Efficiency
A high efficiency UPS rated at >96% in power saving ECO mode.

·       Expandability
The MICRO VERSI X1 is scalable and can be connected with accessories to increase power availability.

Unlocked Software
With unlocked software, we can ensure that our customers avoid high service costs, which subsequently reduces their cost of UPS ownership.

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Part No:MICRO VERSI X1 1500-3000