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Metartec's Top Tips

Metartec’s Top 10 Tips to Reduce the Cost of UPS Ownership

1.      The Mystery of UPS Systems

There is a common misconception that UPS’s are mysterious and highly complex systems that can be dealt with only by experts in this field i.e. branded OEM’s.  
The fact is that although UPS’s are a key piece of equipment, they are very straight forward and can be maintained by both electricians and UPS technicians alike. The only difference between the two is the cost!

Metartec’s advice: Be aware that UPS ‘mystery’ has been a contributing factor in the increase of UPS cost of ownership

2.      Brand Engineering

Many of the leading brand UPS have been designed and manufactured by the same companies as those of less well known brands – although the technology is virtually the same the price tags can vary greatly.

Metartec’s advice: Keep your options open as to the ’brand’ you buy and ask yourself the question, could there have be a better alternative?

3.        Open protocol Software

The preference of OEM’s is to use software locked equipment as a means of ensuring operational excellence.

What does this mean for you and your business?

You MUST use OEM engineers or agents to action some repairs. This can result in:

  • Very high call out and repair charges
  • Limited engineers available on the ground can cause delays in getting work completed
  • Your equipment is out of use and your systems are vulnerable
  • Very dissatisfied customers & end-users

Metartec’s advice: Choose the best product, best price, from your chosen provider.

4.    Spare parts

High cost of spare parts – these parts are interchangeable and are available on the open market so this will ensure that you are paying only for what you need and not for the brand label.

Metartec’s advice: Shop around for businesses that can offer you a full array of parts from a variety of manufacturers.

5.    Size your UPS appropriately

Work closely with your chosen provider and ensure that you have discussed all aspects of your UPS requirement including:
  • What is your UPS being used for e.g. I.T, critical equipment?
  • What is the input and load required?
  • What other supporting equipment do you have e.g. Generator?
  • Where is your UPS located?

Metartec’s advice: Be aware that too much autonomy can be as bad as too little, so avoid paying for a larger system that is more expensive and unnecessary. Ensure that you have the right UPS for the job needed.

6.    Product Efficiency

It has been commonly believed that keeping old equipment running is cost effective however, in reality, lower product efficiency results in high costs.

Older UPS units that are lower in efficiency incur greater costs for maintenance + spare parts and losses it would be more cost effective to replace the equipment.

Metartec’s advice: Scale the size of your UPS. Consider a Modular UPS as they give you the option to increase or shrink the size of your UPS according to the load required. Don’t pay for equipment you are not using

7.    Environment

Often over looked, the physical location of your UPS has a huge effect on how efficient and effective your equipment is: E.g. The biggest cause of battery failure is HEAT; UPS’ are design to withstand a temperature of 35C, Batteries should not exceed a temperature of 25C


  • Place UPS and Batteries in different rooms
  • Place Batteries on rack mounts
  • Ensure room is well ventilated

Metartec’s Advice: Monitor batteries upon install check annually to see their condition Cheaper to change 1-2 batteries than all of them.

8.    Maintenance

Are you getting the best from your maintenance plan?

Metartec’s advice:

  • Get a full maintenance report not a tick sheet.
  • Find out exactly what you are paying for & only pay for what you need.
  • Ensure that your engineer is undertaking a recognised routine.
  • Previous records analysis: Traceability, should there be a change in staff within your provider, information is still available to you.
  • Hosted extranet: Should you choose to change your provider, you can still access information on previous UPS activity.
  • Fixed price: Certain kinds of repair should come with a fixed price.
  • Cost of ownership projection: Standard lifespan of a UPS is 10 years. Ask your provider for a projection of cost for that period, clear picture of the long term costs of equipment

9.    Service

When having your UPS serviced, keep in mind the following points:
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Consumable items such as batteries should be repaired there and then.  
  • Are the instruments used calibrated?

Metartec’s advice: Pay for only what you need, and make sure you get what you want.

10.    If you want the complete UPS package

Metartec’s Advice: Contact a company that is manufacturer independent who can offer you the best, unbiased, technical support for all your UPS and Critical Power Supply needs.