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Metartec's Solar PV Product Range

Metartec can supply an extensive range of Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline Solar Panels, Inverters and Solar PV accessories enabling us to create a bespoke solution to suit any application. This ensures you can generate sufficient energy to satisfy your output needs. In our experience one system does not suit all therefore, as part of the design process for each individual project, we identify which system is most suitable in terms of performance, application and cost effectiveness.

Solar PV Panels

Metartec’s solar panels consist of highly efficient solar cells. These ensure the highest possible performance of the solar module and creates maximum power output and efficiency. All of our panels come with manufacturer's warranty and are virtually maintenance free.

Solar PV Inverters

Metartec’s offered solar inverters are high efficiency and are designed to meet the energy needs of industrial sites, and conform to industrial standard protection settings.

Solar PV Accessories

Metartec can supply every aspect of solar PV systems including Monitor Dataloggers. These will monitor the solar inverters via bluetooth link and will record the total yeild, online power, PV panel voltage and PV panel current. this will allow you to track the progress of you Solar system and will show you how much it is generating.