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Metartec's Solar PV Inverters

What is a Solar inverter?

The National Grid supplies your home and appliances with AC (alternating current) electricity, however, solar panels generate DC (direct current) electricity. The role of the solar inverter is to convert the DC electricity to AC enabling the energy generated by your solar panels to power your home.

The solar inverter always draws the maximum power from the solar modules. This function is called MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and is carried out with a high rate of accuracy. After dark, when the energy offered is no longer enough to feed the utility transmission grid, the inverter automatically cuts the connection to the grid and stops operating.

Metartec’s range of solar inverters are designed to meet the energy needs of industrial sites and conform to industrial standard protection settings. These standards are a necessity for connection to the distribution network operators system and to satisfy the requirements of both the NIROC programme in Northern Ireland and the Feed-In Tariff scheme operated on the rest of the UK.