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Metartec's New DECI Modular UPS - The UPS of the Future

23 December 2011

Zoom Metartec, one of the leading critical power specialists in the UK, has launched its new DECI Modular, the UPS for now and for the future. The biggest appeal for the DECI Modular unit is its capability for easy expansion. Previously when a customer’s load increased, the original UPS had to be replaced with a new and higher capacity system. With the DECI Modular UPS there is no need to replace the whole UPS, as only the required number of modules for expansion need to be added.

Due to the ‘hot swappable’ power modules, the unit is almost entirely self contained as each UPS module works with complete functionality and can be added or removed online while the UPS is still running. Its modular design also allows for easy maintenance which reduces the customer’s cost of ownership, making it a more cost-effective critical power solution.

DECI Modular units are available in 120kVA and 200kVA frames with power modules available in 10kVA and 20kVA, allowing users to choose the power requirement according to their needs, and the DECI Modular’s capacity can reach 400kVA by paralleling two 200kVA frames with ten 20kVA modules in each unit