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DECI Modular X9i -Scalable Solution

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Metartec’s DECI Modular X9i is a high efficiency modular system with independent power and control sections where each module runs as independent UPS equally sharing the power. The system is unlocked by software allowing flexibility when carrying out maintenance and monitoring.

Metartec’s DECI Modular X9i includes automatic hibernation technology. When there are surplus power modules available, the DECI Modular X9i instinctively hibernates the additional modules to save power. This allows for maximum energy efficiency and with the power module cycling, uniformly ages the components.

The DECI Modular X9i’s capacity can be extended from 30kVA to 900kVA and offers an optimum combination of reliability, functionality and flexibility to the user. Power increases in 30kVA increments allowing scalability. The maximum capacity of 900 kVA only occupies 1.98m².



  • ·         Hibernation Technology
  • ·         Improved efficiency with output factor of 0.9
  • ·         Hot Swappable Modules
  • ·         Ease of Expansion
  • ·         Modular Management Software


Contact one of Metartec's Critical Power Experts today on 0845 50 40 444 or email info@metartec.com to get a quote for a bespoke soluton to suit your application.

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