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Metartec's Charity Christmas Campaign

29 November 2012

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This Christmas Metartec have made a donation to the Imperial College Healthcare Charity at Hammersmith Hospital’s Renal Unit. The reason for this being that earlier this year one of Metartec’s engineers, Sam Hatton, was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare blood disease called Vasculitis. This illness causes the white blood cells to attack the body instead of protecting it.

The disease spread to Sam’s lungs, kidneys and joints and due to the severity of his condition he was admitted to Hammersmith Hospital where he underwent intensive treatment. Thankfully, through a series of plasma exchanges they were able to stop the disease from spreading further. Due to the help and support from the staff at Hammersmith Hospital Sam is now back on his feet and has recently returned to work.

Following his discharge from Hammersmith Hospital, Sam needs to return every month for regular blood tests and appointments because the disease could come back at anytime. The staff and specialist doctors at Hammersmith Hospital will need to keep an eye on Sam’s condition for the rest of his life which is why Metartec have chosen this charity.

Najia Pasche, Head of Fundraising at Hammersmith Hospital commented,

“We are very grateful for the support provided by Metartec to the Renal Unit of Hammersmith Hospital. The funding will go towards making the centre a more welcoming place for patients who have to regularly attend our clinics as well as helping to support clinical trials and aiding the development of innovative services.”

Metartec’s Managing Director, Ray Hall, stated,

 “Metartec are very pleased to be able to help such a worthwhile charity and we hope that the donation will help others who find themselves in a similar adverse situation as Sam this Christmas.”

 Metartec handing over the donation - Pictured from Left: Nicola McKenna, Senior Sister (Renal Ward) at Hammersmith Hospital; Ray Hall, Managing Director at Metartec; Sam Hatton, Engineer at Metartec and Professor Charles D Pusey, Professor of Medicine (Renal Ward) at Hammersmith Hospital. 


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