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Metartec transform real time asset monitoring with SCADA solution

13 October 2016


Metartec has developed a revolutionary unlocked software system that allows our customers to access, measure and monitor any type or brand of electrical device from a single data point, 24/7, anywhere in the world. Metartec SCADA software reflects the principle of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), or in other words, Machine to Machine Communications (M2M). This ensures that we and our customers can future proof service interaction.

Developed in-house by one of Metartec’s experienced engineers, Metartec SCADA focuses on making real time control and remote monitoring facilities in the industry more efficient and cost effective for the user. Due to changes in the current economic climate, organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the supply, quality and availability of power systems. In response to the demands of the market and its future development into a more web-based environment, Metartec felt it was essential to offer our customers complete SCADA solutions which allows access via a convenient device, allowing improvements in Electrical Energy Efficiency, power management capabilities as well as reporting and monitoring.

Metartec SCADA remotely monitors equipment using RS485, Ethernet or 3G modems, providing instant remote access to connected equipment from any location, at any time. User-friendly functionality enables the user to access their information from any device with a web-browser feature including mobiles and tablets.

Metartec SCADA is an Open Protocol Electrical Management software tool which operates on any Modbus device. It is this unique approach to remote monitoring and data acquisition that offers greater flexibility as the software does not limit connectivity to any brand of UPS or electrical equipment. Unlike other monitoring systems currently on the market where customers are locked to a particular device or brand, Metartec SCADA reduces costs and improves efficiency as customers avoid being trapped into expensive or single-sourced service contracts.

Metartec SCADA offers the user complete control of their remote monitoring package by offering two approaches of self or remote hosting:

Tier 1 –The first tier provides a remote service hosted by Metartec SCADA team. We will receive an alarm notification from the unit and then initiate communication with the client informing of equipment status. Metartec will then offer technical support or engineer attendance as required.

This package is ideal for remote sites as a quicker resolution is achieved without the need for direct involvement from the user. This means the user benefits from having real time response to on-site activities and immediate action to resolve any issue, resulting in cost and time savings.

Tier 2 – An in-house SCADA solution offering complete control of equipment. Software is hosted internally by the customer allowing on site self-sufficiency and reducing reliance on third parties. This provides a perfect solution for those with sensitive information as data is contained on site.

All Metartec SCADA packages boast full scalability meaning that our software can be expanded for widely diverse infrastructure or tailored for small single device environments with users themselves being able to connect an unlimited amount of equipment. Multi-user functionality means that SCADA is suitable for use by a wide range of employees within any company from executive staff to service teams. Security of information is ensured through password protected access accounts.

Metartec’s Development Engineer, Johnny Moore, explains that the Metartec SCADA software provides sites and clients with improved information flows instantly, which is especially important for the smooth running of any business installation. Commenting on the launch: “I am excited that the Metartec SCADA solution is becoming a reality, as it gives an unparalleled level of awareness for boundless types of devices. Knowing your critical infrastructure trends and potential faults before an incident occurs means your business can be proactive and secure.”

To celebrate the launch of our SCADA packages, Metartec will be holding Open Days from our UK & Ireland offices. This is an opportunity to see Metartec SCADA in action through live demonstrations with the software connected to multi-brand critical power and building management equipment. If you would like to attend one of our Open Days or arrange a live SCADA demonstration on site, telephone 0845 64 39 772 or alternatively email info@metartec.com.


For further information on Metartec SCADA product range telephone 0845 50 40 444 or alternatively email info@metartec.com.

Metartec’s full product range is available online at www.metartec.com.