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Metartec launch our range of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

21 March 2013


Metartec e3 can supply a complete range of electric vehicle charging systems for businesses e.g. your fleet, staff, customers and suppliers' plug-in vehicles along with domestic systems.

We have a variety of mounting options for your charging points: Single outlet wall mounted, Double outlet wall mounted and Double outlet ground pole mounted. With our pole model, only the pole needs replacing in the event of a collision.

Metartec e3's units are available for single phase or 3 phase connection and can be supplied as standard charge (16A 3.7 kW) or fast charge (32A 7kW). Currently the majority of electric vehicles can only accept standard 16A charging, but newer models due soon will have larger capacity on – board chargers fitted which will enable them to accept 32A and therefore charge twice as fast.

All of our car charging points, regardless of how they are mounted can be accessed in the following ways but, as they have modular construction can be upgraded at any time.

If you have secure parking and you do not need to recover payment for this facility, then our simple ON/OFF push button activated units could be ideal. A simple energy meter between the distribution board and charging point can monitor kWh consumption.

If you need to limit access to the charging points to authorised users only and do not need to recover payment, then our optional RFID/NFC Contactless card enabled system would be suitable. Our RFID System comes with an administrators master card that enables you to activate any Mifare/DESFire (125Khz 1356Mhz) any existing contactless item, such as staff door access cards, fobs, contactless bank cards and smart phones. Our RFID system has a capacity of up to 4000 users.

Our payment system includes RFID, as detailed above, which is linked to a full GSM/GPRS payment and our management back office system. With this solution you have real time access to a web based system that lets you control who uses the charging points, when they can access them and how much you charge them. 

Full reporting on usage, consumption and transaction data is available which will assist with energy expenses calculations and also support your carbon footprint reduction targets.

The GPRS system is linked to TomTom, Navteq and Google Maps, so that if you make your car charging points available to the public, they can be identified through these providers.

A range of nine different cover colours are available as standard to complement your Companies corporate identity and logos.

For further Information please download our Plug In Vehicle Charging Station Datasheet by clicking here