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Metartec help Ugandan school generate their own free electricity

31 July 2012

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Metartec have donated a 3kW Solar PV system to a school in Uganda to allow them to generate their own free electricity

In conjunction with World Vision and Vyners School in Middlesex, Metartec have supplied a 3kW Solar PV system to a school in Uganda. The system consisted of a rack containing a 3kW Inverter and 2 strings of 4 batteries and also 12 solar panels (2 strings of 6). The cabinet will be positioned inside the school building and the panels will be mounted on plastic buckets located nearby.
This solar system will provide an output for lighting, computers and fans when the sun is out, while also charging the batteries. When the sun goes down deep cycle batteries will allow the load to continue to run during the evening.
Metartec were proud to be able to assist the charity with this project and we look forward to hearing how the school gets on with their free electricity.