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Metartec e3 launch their 3-in-1 Active Filter

07 February 2012


Save money and time with the 3-in-1 Active Filter by Metartec e3, the must have unit for harmonics cancelation, phase unbalance correction and power factor correction.

Metartec e3 by Circutor are pleased to announce the launch of the new AFQ-4W5 Multi-Function Parallel Active Filter. This versatile piece of equipment is the most complete solution to solve power quality problems caused in either industrial or commercial facilities. The unit not only reduces harmonics but also corrects unbalance in phases and provides power factor correction in any installation where wave shape quality and continuity of electrical power are of utmost importance.

Metartec e3 AFQ Filters are equipped with an easy to use touch display and for higher filtering requirements, 8 filters of the same rating can be connected in parallel. The operating principle of active filters for harmonic reduction is based on monitoring the existing harmonic current generated by the load and introducing an opposite compensation current in order to cancel each harmonic frequency.

For further information relating to Metartec e3 and its associated products and services, telephone 0845 50 40 444 or email info@metartece3.com