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MCS Approved Installers

Metartec only use MCS (Micorgeneration Certification Scheme) approved installers which means that all of our Solar PV systems qualify for the Feed-In Tariff Scheme and NIROC Scheme.


What is the MCS?

The MCS is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme and mark for LZCT installers and products. It was designed with input from installer and product representatives. The MCS gives Metartec a mark of competency and demonstrates to our customers that we can install to the highest quality every time.

Why Does it Matter?

The MCS demonstrates our competence to carry out an installation for our customers. In this rapidly growing industry, installers and products that carry the MCS Mark are likely to be seen as the preferred option in the market place. This is because MCS is linked to many of the key factors driving demand, such as:

  • Feed-In Tariffs, which will provide guaranteed payments to individuals, business and communities for small-scale electricity generation. For technologies where there is an MCS standard, both the technology and the installer must be MCS certificated to be eligible
  • The Low Carbon Buildings Programme and Energy Saving Scotland home renewables grant schemes require MCS certificated products and installers to be used
  • The Code for Sustainable Homes, which is a mandatory requirement for all newly built homes to meet sustainability ratings, including ratings for energy and CO2 emissions. MCS certificated technologies can be used to meet the requirements of this Code