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Eastbourne General Hospital (Critical Care Ward)

10 April 2018


Metartec’s charity of the month for April is Eastbourne General Hospitals critical care ward, which has been chosen by one of our Directors, Scott.


Why Eastbourne General Hospital?

My mum had a cardiac arrest just after Christmas in 2017. The NHS receives bad publicity on Tv and in the press. When my mum was admitted, she was in intensive care, so I spent a considerable amount of time in the unit. I was amazed at how compassionate, caring and hardworking all the nurses and doctors where.

She was cared for 24hours a day for over 8 days and their care was faultless!

The nurses where amazing. They were all different age’s and they came from different ethnic backgrounds but they all took time to chat to us, explain things clearly and show compassion. They were professional at all times.

The NHS served my mum and her family proudly. Me and my family will be eternally grateful for their help!

About Eastbourne General Hospital UK?
During 2016/2017

-          110,500 patients used their Emergency Departments

-          456,000 people attended Outpatient appointments with them

-          Their community-based services supported 95,500 people

-          3144 women became mothers by delivering 3182 babies

-          85.39% of the 54,422 patients undergoing elective surgery had their operations as day cases and returned home on the same day

-          They performed almost 290,000 radiological examinations and therapeutic procedures

-          Over 6 million pathology tests were carried out

Eastbourne Hospital provides acute hospital and community health services for people living in East Sussex and surrounding areas.

Their services are mainly provided from two district general hospitals, Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH both of which have Emergency Departments and provide care 24 hours a day. They offer a comprehensive range of surgical, medical and maternity services supported by a full range of diagnostic and therapy services.

At Bexhill Hospital they provide outpatients, ophthalmology, rehabilitation and intermediate care services. At Rye, Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital they provide Outpatient and inpatient intermediate care services. At Firwood House they jointly provide, with Adult Social Care, inpatient intermediate care services. They also provide some services at Uckfield Community Hospital and Lewes Victoria Hospital. Their community staff also provide care in the patient’s own home and from a number of clinics and GP surgeries.

The role of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is to provide the best possible healthcare service to patients, who come first in everything the organisation does.

There are around 525,000 people who live in East Sussex and the Trust is one of the largest organisations in the county. They employ over 6,000 dedicated staff with an annual turnover of £380 million.