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Energy Efficiency

Metartec e3's AR6 portable analyser

Measuring and Control

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Auxiliary Electronic Relay

Protection and Control

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Three phase energy meters

Quality and Metering

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3 in 1 Active Harmonic Filter

PFC and Harmonic Filtering

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Metartec e3


Metartec can supply an extensive range of electrical energy efficiency products which can be incorporated into a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. These solutions include products for the measurement, protection, control and metering of all electrical devices as well as electric vehicle charging stations.

Metartec’s Electrical Energy Efficiency Surveys give you a better understanding of your energy usage and our highly experienced surveyors will be able to provide recommendations on how you can improve your energy efficiency. Such recommendations can include the installation of a power factor correction solution, which will reduce energy losses and provide extra electrical capacity for increased production. Alternatively the integration of harmonic filtering equipment may be suggested which will improve the power quality of an installation by reducing or eliminating harmful harmonics. Whatever the problem Metartec can provide the best electrical energy efficiency solution.