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Data Centres

Zoom At the heart of any business / operation, the Server Room or Data Centre is the key to protecting the integrity and reliability of all your running systems. This means it is essential to ensure the continuity of power to these systems is maintained at all times.

Metartec have designed a range of products that assures the smooth running of your operation. Metartec offer UPS's that provide extended running times, stand alone and parallel configurations and bypasses that allow maintenance and repair with no operational down time.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should discuss your data centre requirements with the experts at Metartec…..

  • Metartec’s critical power solutions offer data centres the greatest power capability with superior efficiency, providing maximum savings. Furthermore, all of our UPS solutions incorporate Unlocked Software, reducing your cost of ownership.
  • Our engineers have extensive experience in data centre infrastructure and have completed projects for various major data centres Europe wide.
  • Metartec’s scalable modular UPS solutions are ideal for future growth and offer a low footprint with optimum efficiency.
  • Our new DECI Modular UPS is a market leader in power density and provides 900kVA with a footprint of only 1.98m2.
  • The DECI Modular has the ability to hibernate power modules that are not required to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. It also incorporates superior features including unlocked software, ability to self-load test, an output power factor of 0.9 and a 10 inch touch display.
  • Our product and service portfolio includes bespoke UPS and generator systems as well as maintenance and hire packages.
  • Metartec offer competitive, hassle free solutions for all aspects of data centre build and protection including; spare parts for all brands of UPS, data cabling, raised access flooring, emergency lighting, LV switchgear, fire suppression systems and a turnkey equipment replacement program.