Critical Power Security: UPS Solutions for Major Data Centres
Case Study

Critical Power Security: UPS Solutions for Major Data Centres


In this case study, we delve into the strategic partnership between Metartec and a large London data centre, which required an advanced uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solution to secure their critical operations. The collaboration showcases Metartec’s commitment to excellence and its capacity to meet the immense power demands and high-availability needs of large-scale digital infrastructure.

UPS Specification

Metartec tailored a solution comprising a fleet of high-capacity UPS units, ranging up to 1.6MVA. These cutting-edge systems were meticulously selected for their reliability and efficiency, providing seamless power protection tailored to the data centre’s specific energy load requirements and redundancy criteria.


The primary challenge was to design and implement a UPS infrastructure capable of supporting the data centre’s extensive power needs with zero downtime. The intricate project demanded not only meticulous planning and precision but also an agile response to evolving power load patterns and the guarantee of long-term service reliability.


Metartec’s expert team, known for precision and adaptability, faced the ambitious task of overhauling the data centre’s power supply network. The implementation phase kicked off with an in-depth site survey, where Metartec identified key areas for enhancement. Engineers then meticulously installed the UPS units, ensuring minimal disruption to the data centre’s day-to-day operations. The process was marked by clear communication and coordinated scheduling to facilitate a smooth transition to the new power setup.

Outcome & Benefits

Post-installation, the data centre experienced a transformative increase in power security. Downtime became a relic of the past, as Metartec’s UPS systems provided not only uninterrupted power but also improved operational efficiency. The cutting-edge UPS technology resulted in a notable reduction in power usage effectiveness (PUE), leading to significant cost savings. Overall, the data centre confirmed enhanced reliability and customer trust – essential commodities in the fast-paced digital world.

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