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Battery Services

Metartec personnel have extensive experience working with major battery manufacturers to tailor battery banks to the needs of the application. Whatever the source or size of your power protection system, we will design and install a customised battery installation to provide the required autonomy and fit the available space. We will also observe best practice in the design of multiple strings, fuses and transition boxes to ensure that the batteries do not represent a single point of failure in your UPS system.

Battery Maintenance

Batteries have a fixed working life and are the most common point of failure in any UPS system because they age and are dependent on the operating environment. If batteries are not replaced, a weak or faulty battery will compromise the integrity of the whole power protection system.
Metartec undertake routine maintenance tasks which include:
  • Checking the open-circuit battery and UPS float voltages.
  • Inspecting the physical condition of terminals and connections.
  • Logging battery impedance to predict the end of the batteries' useful life.
  • Metartec offer Condition monitoring on VRLA, Flooded cell and NiCad cells.
  • Maintenance contract holders also benefit from a dedicated page on the extranet to view results and recommendations.

Battery Condition Monitoring

Metartec supply our customers with an internal resistance battery test, where each individual battery is tested with a current, assessing resistance levels. These periodic measurements are recorded to condition monitor the batteries. Using this information Metartec’s engineers can make knowledgeable recommendations on the future performance of the battery.
These periodic measurements are recorded to condition monitor the batteries providing an insight into previous battery performance.Using this information Metartec's engineer can make knowledgable recommendations on the future performance of the battery.

Battery Training

Metartec can offer an exclusive training course at one of the UK's leading battery manufacturers. Metartec's customers are given the opportunity to visit the Yuasa battery factory for a 3 day training course.
The Course will include a technical training session, a tour of the battery production plant and a presentation from one of Metartec's technical experts. The course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the production and function of the batteries and the importance of batteries to the UPS.

Battery Disposal

Replacement and disposal of batteries is strictly governed by COSHH regulations and must be carried out by licensed disposal companies, following prescribed methods. Metartec are experienced in ecologically acceptable removal and disposal of UPS systems and consumable parts, from batteries to complete power systems.

Battery Installation

Metartec's engineers always take into consideration the environment in which the batteries will be housed when making recommendations to ensure batteries are stored in optimum conditions. Battery installs can include racking assembly, battery build and connection.

For further Information on Metartec's Battery Services or to receive a quote contact us today on 0845 50 40 444 or email info@metartec.com